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NBAI is carrying AI application and sub-chain ecosystem
Token Sale
1 ETH = 100,000NBAI TOKEN
NBAI Smart contract Address: 0x83c451371EF470D206cf011405D89f6ccb0e915e
N BAI is XXX company integrated artificial intelligence, sharing economy and the technical characteristics of the blockchain, independent research and development can carry applications and sub-chain decentralized open source platform.
At NBAI, users have the option of using programs hosted in blocks, such as gene sequencing or quantitative trading programs. After setting the parameters, NBAI will calculate the computing resources in the platform according to the computing requirements and quickly output the results.
At NBAI, builders can get involved with the running and calculating of blocks in the block, and NBAI will split into resource owners based on the amount of work done.
Quant AI
Smart Analysis
Introducing the NBAI platform, bringing together developers, users, absenteeism, and rewards reflects the ease with which developers can deploy AI applications and cash offs, making AI users more accessible and practical, while absenteeism is more valuable
Quant AI predict the trend of encrypted currency transactions procedures, developers only need to submit the program in accordance with predetermined specifications to complete the deployment of the NBA block chain. Users can find Quant AI on the NBAI platform. After setting the forecasting model and cost, the NBAI platform will calculate the computing resources, quickly return the calculation results, and complete the settlement of expenses.
Business Roadmap
2017 Q1   ●
Introducing the concept of hyperledger
1st Developers meet-up
2017 Q3   ●
Development of AI project - DAI APP
(Decentalized AI Application)
2018 Q1   ●
Pre-releasing of Helix testnet
2018 Q3   ●
Releasing on Helix public chain
Introducing the first DAI APP
Introducing the Orion prototype chain
Development of Orion
●   2019 Q1
Pre-releasing of Orion Testnet
●   2019 Q3
Deployment of 10 DAI APP on Orion
●   2020 Q1
Deployment of 50 DAI APP on Orion
●   2020 Q3
Deployment of 500 DAI APP on Orion
Token Distribution
1 ETH = 100,000NBAI
Our Partners
Strategic Investors
How can I buy Ethereum?

Ethereum can be purchased in most cryptocurrency exchange. Please refer to the following website for more information. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethereum/
What happens if I participate with less amount than the minimum participation amount?

The minimum participation amount is 100 ETH (1 ETH = 100,000 NBAI).
Any amount below the minimum participation amount will be sent back to the original address.
How are tokens distributed/allocated?

Tokens are distributed/allocated in the order of Ethereum received from specified address.
Tokens are distributed to ERC 20, and can be checked immediately upon completion of your participation.
How many NBAI tokens will I receive?

100,000 NBAIs are distributed per 1 Ethereum (ETH).